About Me

Well hello there, and welcome to TRI-ing to Run DC!

I am a 20 something girl living in the Washington DC area,  who is a former college athlete and is addicted to running and working out. I have run a handful of marathons, and I plan to keep running until my legs fall off!  It would probably be more accurate to say, until my knees give out.  I have already had 2 surgeries on my right knee.  
My knees do not love running as much as I do, so last year I started looking for a sport that wouldn't take as much of a toll on my knees and other joints.  Having a running and swimming background and knowing how to ride a bike, triathlon seemed like an easy choice.  After a year of training, I am proud to say that on November 27, 2011, I became an IRONMAN! My journey to become an Ironman was amazing!
Life post IM #1 is amazing as well. :)  I didn't train for an 140.6 during 2012.  In fact, I didn't do much training and racing at all.  However, I am back, and super excited about racing Ironman USA and FL in 2013. 

Feel free to click around, read all about my journey to becoming an IRONGIRL and my recent TRI and running adventures. Thanks for stopping by!
<3, Whitney