Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

*Number 1*
I forced myself out of bed this morning and made it to the pool.  However, today's practice was not pretty! If you didn't know any better, you probably would have thought I was drowning. I felt like I was swimming in pudding, and I am pretty sure my shoulders hate me.  I cannot wait for my swim fitness to come back!

Swimming in pudding makes me sad.
*Number 2*
 Last night I stayed up super late (11pm- I know that is only late for crazy triathletes) watching Love and Other Drugs. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 48%, but I definitely thought it was better than that.  I would have given it a 75%- a solid C. This is definitely not a movie for guys- the Captain would have turned it off after the 10th time Jake Gyllenhaal showed his butt.
*Number 3*
For lunch, I decided to face the heat and make the trek to Chop't. Big mistake!  It is crazy hot out today.  I would have turned around and just grabbed something from a place in my building; however, I had my heart set on a Kebab Cobb.  It is so yummy!  Because I went at 1:15ish- I would have expected there to be no line. WRONG! Not to worry though though, the line tends to move fast.  After about 15 minutes of waiting, I finally had my salad and was ready to pay.  I didn't mind waiting in line for 15 minutes in the crazy heat or being rushed while I was ordering- but the chicky at the register didn't give me my free fountain soda.  I even asked for it and she looked at me like I was crazy! Grrrr!  After a few uncomfortable seconds of silence, I gave up and left.  I will be back though.  If they try to pull the same stunt when I earn a free dessert, I definitely will not be so nice. :)

Only 2 more salads, and I get a free dessert!

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