Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 Things Thursday

  • I made it to swim practice this morning!  Until about 2 weeks ago, I was going on a regular basis, but then I decided that I could swim on my own after work. WRONG!  My evening swims went from awesome 100% effort sweat sessions to swimming 1000 meters and then bailing.  Lesson learned- I need to get up and swim with the team.  So this morning, I pulled myself out of bed at 4:45 and hit the pool.  Totally happy that I went!
      My favorite place to be at 5 AM.
  • I saw close to 10 super cute puppies on my way to work today!  Because of this I got into work 15 minutes later than normal, but I had to stop and tell the owners how cute their dogs were and ask if I could pet them. Totally normal, right? Who wouldn't do that?  Normal or not, I just couldn't help myself. It was hard enough for me not to ask their owners if I could  take pictures of their cute pup for my blog.  I cannot wait until I have the space for a dog of my own.
    • Darla the Saint Bernard c The Daily Puppy
  • Thank goodness I went to swim practice this morning. My co-worker Kristin asked forced me to go with her today. Best decision I have made today.  Shake Shack is awesome! I repeat AWESOME!  My burger, crinkle fries and Thin Mint milkshake were delicious.  I wonder why I am not losing any weight during IM training...


  1. did you give all 10 puppies jazz hands?! it doesnt count unless there is jazz hands!

  2. I do the same thing when i see cats walking around. I scream kitty and run over to them and have to pet them!

    Jason brags about the Shake all the time because he works over there and can go at lunch time.