Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Recap: Super late edition

So it is almost Wednesday, and I am just getting around to my weekend recap. #SuchABadBlogger!  Did you have a super weekend?? I certainly hope so.  Because this is so late, I will keep it short.  Here is the quick and dirty run down of my fabulous weekend:
  • Employee of the Month- Cheesy, but always nice to get positive feedback at work. :)
  • Perk of being selected
  • Happy Hour- I <3 Sam Adams
  • Team Brick- Team sweat sessions are my favorite
  • Yummy Team Brunch- Team meals are also pretty awesome!
  • Lauren's Going Away Party- Geez, I am going to miss that girl.  Thank goodness she will be back in town soon. :)
  • Lauren and I before getting into the water at Eagleman
  • Sleeping in on Sunday- PRICELESS!
  • Running Errands- Yay for new running gear and the 5th Harry Potter
    New running outfit
    New trainers
    I clearly only bought the necessities!
  • Fun Afternoon Run- Great way to spend my Sunday afternoon.
  • Dinner with Meghan and Dani- AWESOME, enough said!
    Meghan refused to let me take her picture because she didn't have her makeup on.  Such a diva! :)
  • I have officially reached and maintained my race weight for IM.  Can I get an AMEN! :)
I hope everyone had a super weekend.  Happy almost hump day!


  1. the gift card is nice!

    And it was so great to finally meet you on Saturday night

  2. thanks for making me smile during such a stressful move. the trailer is too small for all of our furniture so we have to leave most of it behind. good news = new furniture. bad news = more money to spend. good news= i dont have a job. good news= phil does.