Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's Next? 2012 Goals

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  I cannot believe Hanukkah started earlier this week and Christmas is Sunday.  Where did this year go?!? Regardless, it has been a fantastic year and I am super excited about 2012.

I have 2 big goals for 2012- to become a stronger and more efficent cyclist and to maintain a healthy balance between life, work, training and racing. Oh and qualifiying for Boston would be fantastic as well. 

It is very clear from my performance at IM Cozumel that cycling is where I struggle.  So this winter I am going to try to focus in on cycling.  I plan to spin my little heart out.  Cycling is actually one of the easy workouts for me to squeeze into my busy season schedule.  I can spin early in the morning or super late at night.  Yay for not having to worry about the weather or running out of daylight! I am also hoping that I can purchase a friend for Miss Scarlett this winter.  Right now, I have my heart set on the Cervelo 2012 P2. I would also consider getting the 2012 Felt B12 or the QuintanaRoo CD 0.1 Ultegra.  Any thoughts??  I am going test ride all of them and maybe even a few other bikes as well.  Hopefully my search for a TT bike will go smoothly. :)

Balance is everything. During IM training you are forced to put anything nontriathlon out of your life for a little bit.  My friends and family were incredibly supportive this summer and fall, but I want to make sure I get to spend as much quality time with them as possible in the upcoming year.  I do not want to miss birthday parties or family brunches because of training.  However, I need and want to continue to train and race this year.  #Iamaddictedtothislifestyle! I really want to focus on my career as well.  Finding a healthy balance is going to be key.  To help me, I only plan to race 2 1/2 IMs and 2 marathons this year.  I am going to throw in a couple sprints and olympics, but I really want to have flexibilty with my weekends.  I have not finalized my race schedule for this year, but as soon as I do, I will let you all know. :)

Qualifying for Boston is a priority for me this year, but not a must.  I really want to enjoy my training without any major pressure.  If it happens this fall, FANTASTIC, if not, not to worry.  I want to train and stay healthy.

Oh and before I sign off for the day, I probably should answer the question that everyone has been asking me.  Am I going to do another Ironman?  HECK YES!! In 2013, I plan to train for my second 140.6.  However, until then, I am going to swim, bike and run for fun.  No pressure or stress, just fun. :)

Happy Holidays!!


  1. I like your plan for 2012 :)

    Also I really like my cervelo P3 I just got,I would think the P2 is about the same, just with different components on it.

    Hope you have a great Holiday

  2. Awesome post! I love your blog. The Ironman bug is addictive, isn't it? Cycling is where I struggle too. I think all natural runners are poor cyclists--body-type or something. Anyway, which one are you thinking about next? I'm signed up for IM Wisconsin in 2012.