Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday: Crazy Excited/ Just Crazy Girl Edition

  • Last night I was dreaming about cupcakes.  Everyone knows I love cupcakes, but dreaming about them? That might make me a little crazy. Crazy or not, I did what any self respecting cupcake lover would do- I ate one on my way out the door to swim practice. The workout went great, so maybe cupcakes will replace my eggs in the morning. :)
I <3 cupcakes

  •  It is officially February at work, or at least that is what my calendar says.  Yesterday, I was flipping through my cute Golden Retriever puppy calendar and I have decided that the February's puppy is the cutest.  Therefore, it will be February all year long.
  • Isn't he cute?
  • This weekend is going to be awesome!  I got the okay from my boss to work from home on Saturday, so I do not have to go into the office. Yay! Plus, JC and I have a cooking class at Sur La Table and I am getting fit for my tri bike. Double yay!
Can't wait for Saturday!

Happy Thursday!! 

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  1. I ate a cup cake before on of my swim practices and I swear it made me swim faster :)