Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Three Things Tuesday: Plus or Minus One Edition :)

Happy Tuesday!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I know I certainly did.  I apologize for posting so sporadically since IM. It is really hard to make time to blog when you are stuffing your face with Christmas cookies, wrapping presents, eating more Christmas cookies,  going to parties, spending time with family and drinking lots of wine.  Don't worry though!  I am back. :) 

1) It just occurred to me the last night that I never shared the results of my MRI.  I had my MRI on December 5th and by December 6th, Dr. Moses called with the results. CLEAN!!  The MRI showed no sign of a tear which was fantastic news!  Woop Woop! 

2) I had a great run with Team Z on Saturday.  The run was super, but what was really awesome was the fact that I saw a pack of labradoodles.  CUTE PUPPY ALERT!  These dogs were so cute that I darted across the street walked across the street like a mature adult to pet them.  Do you blame me?? I mean really guys, they were super cute!  After my puppy fix, I caught up to my teammates and finished the run with a huge smile on my face. #IHeartDogs!

3) I am struggling with nailing down my 2012 races.  I want to do all of them! This weekend, JC mentioned doing Ironman 70.3 Ireland in September- which would be a great excuse to go to Ireland and it would be a pretty cool race.  There are just so many races out there that it is hard to limit yourself to just a few.  However, I do know that I want to do a bunch of team races.  Here is what I am thinking at this point.  Like I said above, I am having trouble nailing down my schedule, so these are subject to change. :)
Rock 'N Roll Marathon- DC
Rumpus in Bumpass
American Odessay Relay
Ragnar Relay
Rev 3 Cedar Point (70.3- no full IMs for me this year) or maybe Ireland 70.3??
Marine Corp Marathon

4) Did anyone else have a very triathlete Christmas??  My family and Hercules got me a bunch of little triathlon things for Christmas- everything from Nuun and nutrition bars to Bibfolios and race pictures. 

They taste even better now that I am an Iron Girl! :)

Travel coffee cup to help get my tush to early morning sweat sessions

ID and Cash in one!

I finally have a place to put all my old bib numbers.
Have a super Tuesday! 


  1. Love it! I have a bunch of friends starting to train! Miss you!!

  2. I will see you at Rumpus in Bumpass and Kinetic :) I plan on doing rev 3 cedar point in 2013.

  3. That looks like a great schedule! Its a lot of races, but they're spaced out pretty well and are different enough to keep it interesting. I'll be at the RnR DC half and Kinetic!

  4. Ireland 70.3 was awesome - I did the inaugural race this year and it had very few hiccups, especially considering it was a first year race. The spectators were awesome, and it's in a beautiful part of the country - I say go for it!! I have a few good B&B recommendations too that are within sight of the transition area.