Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Thought Tuesday: Skirts, Bad Drivers, Friends and Baseball

  • This morning while I was running, I saw a bunch of ladies rocking the running skirt.  I swore I would never wear one, but these women looked so happy wearing them.  Plus- they come in some pretty cute styles. I think I might try one out. #INeedMoreRunningClothesLikeINeedAHoleInMyHead. :)
  • I was tempted to get out of my car and yell at someone on my way to work today.  Dear Gentleman who was driving the navy blue Porsche on the GW Parkway, Please go to driving school as soon as you are finished with work today.  Thanks in advance, Whitney
  • I am really excited to see my friends Meghan, Dani, Bonnie, and Diane this weekend.  I know, it is absolutely ridiculous to be thinking about the weekend already.
  • It makes me really sad that the Red Sox are last in the AL East right now.  Come on guys, could you please win a game or two for your loyal fans??

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