Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not feeling good + Work = Bad Hump Day

My new BFF!
Thank goodness we are finally half way through the week. Yesterday, I was sneezing and had a slight headache all day- which I thought was a result of my allergies. Once I got home, I decided to skip my run, use my Neti Pot, make myself a good dinner and go to bed early.  Which I did, but it didn't help. I still woke up this morning feeling lousy. :(   I guess the upside is that I am not any worse.  Regardless of how I felt this morning, I definitely had to go to work.  As you already know, I am an accountant, and it is starting to get busy again as Q2 draws to a close.  For the next 2+ weeks, I will not have a life outside of work and triathlon training.  Sorry Captain!  The Captain is a great sport about this.  He is picks me up when I work late, and sometimes he even has dinner waiting for me.  Yes, I know I am a lucky girl. :)  So for the next couple weeks, please bear with me.  I promise I will continue to blog, but I might not be able to blog every day.  Happy Wednesday! 
I roll with a tough crowd :)

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