Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Random Tuesday

As a triathlete/endurance athlete, you have a ton of time to think while getting in your numerous sweat sessions. My brain was going crazy during my AM ride , so I thought I would share what's been on my mind today. Please note that post is a lot little random.  :)

1) I really want a tri bike!  I love Miss Scarlett (my current bike), but sometime in the future, I would love to buy her a friend.  I have been doing a fair amount of research, and it looks like the Cervelo P2 is the best value.  It comes with great components, carbon frame and it is actually affordable. Not to mention, this year's P2 is red, black and white, which kind of matches Miss Scarlett.  She is silver with red and black accents.  Getting a new bike is definitely not realistic right now, but the saving has begun! 
Miss Scarlett on the move <3
2) While riding around Haines Point at 6:30ish this morning, the golf course's grounds crew was cutting the grass.  Great job guys!  Way to get an early start and beat the heat! But next time, could you please wait 30 minutes? My allergies have been killing me recently, and fresh cut grass makes my eyes itchy and my nose runny.  Looks like I am bringing out the Neti Pot tonight. :)

3)The pain in my right foot is starting to make me nervous.  Last night, I tried to get in a quick 40 minute run, and I had to turn back after 1 mile.  TOTAL DOWNER! The pain is deep in the arch of my right foot.  Maybe it is the result of wearing my flip flops too much?  Or maybe my running shoes?  I have never had pain here before, so this is slightly concerning.  Because of this, I was one of those women who wear sneakers with their dress clothes to work today.  Yes- I looked really silly, but if it makes my foot feel better, I am doing it.

So hot!
4)The FBI K-9 units were out in full force this morning.  This was definitely the highlight of my morning commute. Those puppies are so freaking cute!  Whenever I past one of them, I am always tempted to ask the officer if I can pet their dog. For some reason, I think they would say no, but maybe it is worth a shot?
5) Lauren and I had an awesome lunch today.  We got to try the DC CAP MAC food truck AND the DC Sweet Bites truck!  Yay for Mac and Cheese on wheels and CUPCAKES!! Nom Nom Nom  Just for the record, we didn't plan on going to the Sweet Bites truck.  We didn't even know it making a stop near us today, but once we saw it- we had to go! The cupcakes were delicious.  I actually had a cupcake with butter-cream icing and liked it.  Normally, I don't like butter-cream, but I really enjoyed Sweet Bite's! Not to mention the cake was super moist. I would give Sweet Bites a "B+".  More sampling is needed to determine a final rating. :)
Chocolate Coconut
Mac and Cheese on Wheels!!

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  1. A quick 40 minute run? Sad day that we consider 40 min. a quick run. You looked at the Felt B16? Not the colors, but a bit cheaper than the P2. Hope that foot heals!