Wednesday, June 15, 2011


YIKES?!?!  Did I really just set up a blog?  Why would I do this? What am I thinking?
1) My family- we are spread out all over the place, so this seems like an easy way to keep everyone in the loop and up to date with what's new and wonderful in my life.

2) Tracking my IM training- I like to keep a journal for my workouts.  I am hoping this will be a fun way to track my training and share my progress.

3) Pictures- I am the world's worst picture taker, or something like that.  I am always the girl who is asking someone to email pictures from a fun night out, sporting event, etc.  So hopefully this blog will force me to document my fun adventures on a regular basis.

4)Fun- I have a couple friends who love to blog, so I thought I would try it out.  You probably already know one of them. She has a pretty AWESOME blog, and she is a pretty AWESOME friend! :)

Here goes nothing!  Let the blogging begin...

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