Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Things Thursday

The weekend is almost here and I am totally pumped about it.  After today, I only have 1 more workday left until VACATION. Yay for time off! Everything is going great at work, but I am really excited about some time to relax.  On to my 3 Things Thursday

1) Dear lady who was driving a black Infinity cross over on the GW Parkway at about 8:30am,  You stink!  Laying on your horn and shouting obscenities is not very nice. You do not own the GW Parkway.  People are allowed to merge in front of you.  (Fuzzy- if you are reading this, it was a top notch swoop! Just like you taught me- you would have been proud.) Whenever traffic is driving me crazy, I crank up the radio and sing along. Maybe you should try it? This would have been a better use of your energy this morning.
Kind regards, Whitney

2) Homemade Cupcakes+ Sushi = Happy Whitney!  This morning there was a surprise birthday party for one of my coworkers.  Normally office birthday parties, baby showers and other celebrations can be a little awkward; however, this one was pretty awesome.  Bring delicious homemade cupcakes to any party, and I am happy!  Great way to start my afternoon.  Then I grabbed sushi for lunch. Nom nom nom!  Sushi and I are BFFs.  I think I could probably eat sushi at least a couple times a week and still not get tired of it.

3) I have gotten in all of my workouts so far this week!  Go me!! I have to admit that I had to do a little rearranging because I was a little under the weather yesterday. Not to worry though- I just moved my rest day to Wednesday, and shifted my Wednesday workouts to Friday.  This isn't my favorite thing to do, but it will work for this week.  I normally look forward to having Fridays completely off. 

Well I hope everyone had a super day!  Happy Friday Eve!


  1. 3 Things for today:
    1) How drivers ignore merging signs, zoom as far as they can, then stop and try to merge. This only results in royal clusterfuck. If you just merged when we're all going 70, we won't ALL have to stop to merge with you jackasses. If you even put on your blinker, I'll make sure to give you room so we can all keep up our quick pace. #we'reallinthistogether

    2) When the boss spontaneously buys awesome pizza when a meeting is going wicked long and suckage scale is off the charts. #awesomeartichoketomatomushroomfetacheesepizza

    3)Stress, sleep deprivation, Mt Dew, and Pandora firing on all cylinders... oh, how I feel like I'm in college again!

  2. Drivers suck! and having a rest day on fridays is the best!!