Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Favorite Things Tuesday

There is no denying that you will spend a lot of time pounding the pavement when you are training for an Ironman.  On Sunday, I logged over 5 hours of training time, and that was only one workout! Here are my 12 favorite things that I cannot live without make my training more enjoyable.

Asics GT-2160 size 9 1/2 Narrow-  These are one of the few shoes that I like that comes in a narrow.  I used to run in Brooks Ravennas but they are just too wide for my long skinny feet.
    Nathan Speed 4R fuel belt-  It may not be the coolest piece of workout gear that I own, but I never leave home without it.  What makes this fuel belt different from the rest is the size of the bottles.  Most belts only have 8 oz bottles, but this bad boy has 4 10oz bottles. Plus it has 2 big pockets so I can carry my shuffle, keys and snacks.
    Nike Tempo Track Running Shorts- I pretty much live in these shorts.  They come in pretty colors and are really comfortable.
    Smuckers Uncrustable PB&J sandwiches. I look forward to eating these little sandwiches every bike ride. NOM  NOM NOM
    Tommie Copper calve compression sleeves- newest addition to this list. I now use them after every workout.
    iPod Shuffle blasting 90's pop-  Don't judge my choice of music.  You know you love to listen to N'Sync and Britney Spears when you are working out. :)
    Yankz- These elastic laces let me pull on my running shoes super fast during races. Plus they help me keep my shoes nice and snug on my narrow feet.
    Honey Stinger Chews- Best fruit chews out there!
    Fat Free Fig Newtons- The fat free newtons are very yummy!  I prefer the FF ones over the regular ones because the regular ones tend to be dry and crumble all over the place.
    Frog Bras- They do not come in very many colors or designs, but they do what they are meant to do. AMEN to that!
    Garmin  Forerunner 305- Even though it can take forever for my satellites to load, I take it on every run. 
    Chocolate Outrage GU- This is the only flavor of GU I like.  Pretending it is chocolate frosting makes it much easier to eat. :)
What are some of your favorite things? Do you have any workout snacks that I should try?

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