Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap: Freight Train Edition

Happy Monday!  My weekend was filled with training, and it has left me feeling like I have been hit by a freight train.  This is what I was up to...

*I completed my first CENTURY ride!!  Yay for logging 100 miles in one day.  :)  I was on my bike longer than I slept the night before.  (That is kind of bad ass.)  The ride was challenging, but I survived.  Thank goodness for my teammates.
*The Mountaineers won.  They are now 2-0, which makes me very very happy.  I wasn't able to watch the game because I was riding, but a win is a win. Hopefully WVU can keep winning!
*I had a great time at the Team Z pre-race party on Saturday night.  It was nice to be able to hang out with my teammates outside of training. 
*I got to sleep in until 8 AM on Sunday morning!
*I pushed myself through my 16 mile run on Sunday.  This was not pretty by any means.  In fact, it was really ugly.  If Fuzzy was not riding his bike beside me, I think I might have cut my 16 mile run into a 6 mile run. 
*I got to spend some time with my family which included me stuffing my face with delicious chili that my brother made, yelling at the TV when the Steelers were getting their butts kicked by the Ravens, laughing my butt off while watching Aladdin, and dancing around the house with Jordan. 

Soreness aside, I had a super weekend.  I hope you did too!!  Congrats to everyone who raced this weekend!

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