Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Race Report: Waterman's Half Edition

Here are the final results:
Swim: 34:23
Bike: 3:23:30
Run 1:57:34
Overall time: 5:55:26
4th in AG
13th in Overall Women
New PR by 13 minutes #PRsMakeMyHeartHappy!

So did I meet my goals??
Goal #1: 
Have fun and remember all the reasons why I love the sport of triathlon. EXCEEDED!
Our team ROCKS!  I am not going to list all the reasons why the team is awesome, but I will say thank you!  Thank you for making my second 70.3 great!  I had so much fun, and cannot wait to race again.

Goal #2
Beat my Eagleman swim.  ACHIEVED-well kind of.
I was out of the water in 38:43 at Eagleman, while I was out of the water on Saturday in 34:23.  Slight improvement time wise, but mentally and technically I would say my EM swim was much stronger.  After rounding the first buoy, I quickly learned that I do not like seaweed.  In fact, I hate seaweed.  We are not friends!  I was so freaked out by the seaweed that I wasn't able to find my rhythm until lap 2.  FAIL! Long story short, I think my time improvement was the result of wearing a wetsuit and not the result of me executing a better swim than I did at EM.  Definitely something to work on before Cozumel.

Goal #3
Nail my mental game! Embrace the the concept of "Pain is weakness leaving the body" - ACHIEVED
Because there were less than 200 people of the course on Saturday, I spent a lot of my bike ride alone.  Riding by myself is definitely not as fun as riding with my friends; however, it did give me lots of time to practice my mental game for IM. I focused on the positives like how delicious my Honey Stinger Waffles were and ignored the thoughts about how much I hated hills. This definitely helped me get through the ride.  The positive ride vibes were carried into the run.  This was huge!  I entered T2 mentally ready to take on a half marathon.  My run split definitely showed this.  Despite the hilly course, my time was faster than EM.  As for overcoming pain and pushing on, I developed some pretty nasty blisters on my feet during the run and I kept going.  What caused the blisters you ask?  Well putting soggy feet into sneakers without socks is a dumb idea.  Now I am not going to talk about why my feet were soggy, but as fellow triathletes, you can probably guess. Enough said on that.  :) 

Overall, I was pretty happy with this race. The only thing I would change about the race is that my heart rate was all over the place during the bike.  Cozumel will not be hilly, but it will be windy! I need to make sure I really dial into my correct zone on the upcoming training rides. Discipline will the key to having a successful ride in Mexico. I have been training in Zone 2, but I need to continue to train AND RACE with that discipline.  As for any other hiccups, I didn't have any real nutrition mishaps or mechanical issues.  I did leave my Uncrustable in T1, but packed extra GU and waffles just in case something like that happened.  Thank goodness I was prepared! 

I hope everyone had a great race!!  Happy Tuesday :)

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