Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday: More random than usual edition :)

The weekend is almost here!!  WOOP WOOP! Now on to my Three Things Thursday...

1) I have a new favorite snack!  Sweet potatoes and Nutella. NOM NOM NOM  Now it might sound gross to some, but it is actually pretty delicious. It is not unusual for me to have a sweet potato or two sitting on my desk at work.  They are very yummy and super easy to cook at the office. As for the Nutella, you better believe I keep a big jar of it in my desk.  Nutella makes everything better- bananas, apples, oatmeal, etc.  So for yesterday's afternoon snack, I decided to combined the two.  I mean, how could a Nutella sweet potato love child, not be delicious? Best decision of the day, BY FAR! 

2) Sticking to the all things new theme, meet my new BFFs- lacrosse balls, ice packs and ACE wraps.  Please note that I am using the term BFF very lightly.  Actually, I am definitely not friends with the lacrosse balls, I hate them. But if Dr. Moses tells me rolling on them will make my hip better, I am going to do it.  I would say I am BFFs with the ice packs and ACE wraps though.  They actually make me feel better. :)

3)Yesterday Lauren asked me what I think about when I am swimming, so here is a list of what I was going on in my head during practice this morning.
  • I am so dumb!  Why would I want to get up at 4 AM to go swim.  Clearly, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • So hungry!!  I want pizza ASAP
  • Holy crap, I just met Kona Chris!  He is a total badass!
  • Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming. 
  • I hate zone 4!  I am serious- I hate zone 4.
  • I'm on the highway to hell (insert AC DC music here)
  • The water is really hot. 
  • So hungry!
  • Oh no, I have a wedgie!  So embarrassing.
  • Is it time to get out of the pool yet?
  • I wonder if traffic is going to be bad today?
  • Thank goodness we almost done!
  • HOT TUB TIME! #Winning!
Have a super Thursday :)

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  1. i swam last night and i did 8 500's and I would just say "50 50 50 50 50 50" "100 100 100 100" "150 150 150" to count and everyime i tried to think of something else I lost count! so i cannot think of anything other than counting when I am swimming.