Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank Goodness Whitney Finally Posted Again Thursday!

Hey guys!!  Did you miss me?? :)  Well I certainly missed blogging!  I have been way out of touch with the blog world over the last week.  Today when I opened my Google Reader, I had 54 posts to read. Geez!  You guys are blogging CHAMPS!  I promise to catch up on my blog reading tonight.  So what have I been up to over the past week? Here is the I promise I will try to make it quick super abbreviated version of last week.
  • Friday- I woke up with a fever and still went to work because I was trying to be a big girl and tough it out.  Bad idea!  The stupidity continues though  So after leaving work because I felt awful, I went home, napped and then got up and thought it would be a good idea to try to get 80 miles in on my trainer. Bad idea #2! I made it 2 1/2 hours and then had to stop. My fever came back and this was the beginning of my experience with the stomach flu. STOMACH FLU=DEATH! 
  • Saturday-Monday Morning- I repeat STOMACH FLU=DEATH.  Actually, the stomach flu does not equal death.  It actually equals living in your bathroom, not being able to eat anything, not being able to sleep, losing 5 pounds, being cranky because you cannot workout with your friends or cheer at the MCM and looking like a hot mess for days.
  • The stomach flu and I are NOT friends!
  • Monday Afternoon- I actually was starting to feel normal again, so I made the trek over to see my favorite PT, Dr. Moses.  Monday was my third appointment, and I think what he is doing is working.  However, it is not fixing the problem.  Oh no!  Well don't freak out- Dr. Moses and I agreed that he was not going to try to fix me until after IM.  His goals are to prevent me from doing permanent damage to myself and to get me to Cozumel in one piece. How is my hip doing now?  It is swollen and achy.  Which brings to me to the bad news.  Dr. M recommended that I do not run a winter marathon. LE SIGH! He wants me to give him or the orthopedist (depending on my MRI results) time to fix my hip.  So it looks like I won't be trying to qualify for Boston this winter. :(  Thank goodness I had already planned a sweat session with a friend right after my appointment!  Otherwise, I think I might have gone home and cried.  I know getting healthy is important, but as crazy as it sounds I really wanted to race this winter!  I am forcing myself to be okay with it though. 
  • Maybe getting healthy will help me get there??? :)
  • Tuesday- Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it's off to work, I go. :)  Yay for not being sick anymore! Plus I was able to meet a good friend for a yummy dinner.  Not being sick + Productive day at work + Dinner with friend = Super Tuesday
  • I was definitely feeling a little like Grumpy on Tuesday morning.
  • Wednesday- More work and PT.  No change in the hip- still a little swollen and sore.  My day ended with a wonderful dinner with friends.  You guys know Lauren, I mean really- who doesn't know Lauren Riley.  Well that lovely lady is in town for the week, so a few of the girls headed out to dinner to catch up and hear all about Laur's new home, Denver.  I <3 my friends.
And that brings us to today- nothing too exciting going on today.  Just more of the same- work, training (IM is less than a month out- eeeeekkk!), PT and reading Harry Potter. :)

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and is having a fantastic week.   Happy Friday Eve!

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