Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap: EPIC Edition

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a super weekend. This past weekend was supposed to be EPIC! There were definitely epic parts, but there were also some pretty crappy parts.  Let's start with the good stuff. :)
  • My 20 mile run on Saturday was EPIC!  My legs felt strong, and I felt like I could keep going after I reached the 20 mile mark.  #I<3Running!
  • I saw tons of cute puppies on my run. All different types, but they were all really cute.  My iPod died at mile 17, so I had to rely on the cute puppies to keep me occupied for the last 3 miles. I really want a dog.  Too bad my apartment is only 400 square feet. Womp Womp
  • The team BBQ after the run was wonderful.  As always the food was delicious and my teammates were awesome! 
  • Pre-ride carbo-loading was equally as awesome.  Eating lots of yummy carbs and hanging out with fantastic people is a pretty EPIC way to spend a Saturday night. :)
  • Sunday's post ride BBQ was fantastic.  Perfect weather, delicious food, awesome people and 120 miles of riding in the bank!  How awesome, right?!?
Which brings us to the not so good stuff. Le sigh...
  • The plan was to ride 120 miles on Sunday- hence the big carb feast on Saturday.  However, my hip and knee had other plans for me.  LE SIGH! Don't worry, the pity party is almost over. :)  I was able to get 40 miles in before having a pretty intense pain in my hip which somehow caused my knee to hurt.  Long story short, I had to get sagged back in.  Total downer!  Not only was I looking forward to this ride, I was hoping that it would be a huge confidence booster for IM. I am glad I llistened to my body, but it was really hard for me to wave the white flag.  I hate not being able to finish my workouts. Hopefully I will be able to address the hip and knee issues and make it to the start line in Cozumel feeling 100% healthy.  My first PT appointment is tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me. :)
  • During my 40 mile ride, I saw a TON of dead animals.  Riding my bike past dead animals is not what I would call fun.  I know these things happen, but this was gross and sad. Poor Bambi! 
  • Now for the worst part of the whole weekend-  I got home last night kind of cranky (because of my dumb hip and knee), but I was looking forward to having a little scoop of Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to indulge in a "small" scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream?  Well I totally forgot that I polished off the ice cream Saturday night!  Oops. Not being able to finish my ride was bad, but not having any ice cream was much worse!  #DoIHaveAProblem??
Congrats to all my teammates who dominated the 20 mile run and 120 mile ride!!  You guys are AWESOME! 

Have a super week :)

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