Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap: DC is great!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a super weekend.  My weekend was filled with a birthday celebration, an amazing run, a yummy brunch, a few errands, dinner with a fabulous lady, more errands, recovery brick, pizza with my team and IM prep clinic. Here are the deets.

Birthday dinner: Earlier this week a teammate and friend of mine had a birthday.  So of course we had to celebrate!  Yay for a yummy dinner with friends to celebrate a super person! Holly, I hope you had an awesome birthday! 
The Birthday Girl
Amazing run: I woke up on Saturday morning and went out for a quick 15 miles.  I originally planned on doing my "zoo run" because I wanted to see the lions.  Yes, I know this makes me sound like a 5 year old, but I really wanted to see them.  A bunch of cubs were born earlier in the year and I hadn't seen them since this summer, so I was curious to see how big they were, etc etc. 

Insert huge smile and jazz hands!
Anyways, I set off from Crystal City and headed through Georgetown and jumped on the Rock Creek Parkway.  Please note that I exercised great self control, and did not stop mid-run to get a cupcake.  #GoldStarForWhitney! 
Georgetown Scoops cupcakes!  I haven't tried them before, but I certainly will in the near future.

After I was on the Rock Creek trail for about .75 miles, I was stopped by a construction guy.  Despite my efforts to explain to him that I was just running to the zoo and that I had a VERY VERY important date with the lions, he made me turn around.  Grr!
Construction makes me cranky!
Time for plan B- check out the monuments. On my way to visit my BFFs Lincoln and Jefferson, I came across Georgetown's Novice 8 out on the river.  Seeing them out on the water definitely made me miss rowing. 

After reminiscing about rowing for a few minutes I headed down to the monuments.  The Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and the World World II Memorial may not be as cute as the lion cubs, but they are always pretty amazing. 

The tourists were out in full force Saturday morning.

Jefferson Memorial
Washington Monument
World War II Memorial

Unfortunately, the Reflecting Pool is undergoing a huge makeover, so I could not turn my run into a run/swim brick.  Maybe next time though! :)
A little hard to see, but the entire pool is torn up.
After finishing my mid-run sight seeing, I ran back to my car in CC.  Because of switched routes mid-run, I only ended up logging 13 miles, but I will take it. 

Yummy brunch:  After my run, I went and grabbed brunch at Bread and Chocolate in Old Town.  This could have been the best decision of the weekend.  I had never been there before, but I am so glad I finally tried it out.  My chocolate banana french toast was DELICIOUS!  I am definitely going back ASAP.
Need I say more?? So good!!!

Errands:  Running errands= Driving all around town + Killer car dance parties + Spending money on silly triathlon things like Gu, nuun and helmets.
I have offically caught the NUUN bug.  I love it!

Dinner with a fabulous lady:  Lauren was in town all last week, but we didn't get a chance a real chance to catch up on each other's lives. So that means we had to get together Sturday night, eat yummy food and talk for almost 3 hours.  Is that not what you would have done? Dinner was delicious and the company was fantastic!

Laur and Briz
Recovery Brick:  Sunday afternoon, I met up with Valerie and Scott for a little recovery birck at Haines Point.  Now when I say I met up with Scott, I really mean that I said hi to him before he got on his bike and then I didn't see him until he was done.  Scott = Super fasty fast cyclist :)  Regardless of getting blown away by Scott on the bike, I still had an awesome ride.  It was beautiful out, so logging my 20 miles was really enjoyable.  As for my run, I only ran 2 miles, so there is not much to report.  Just a short and sweet run.

IM planning/ IM Prep Clinic: Holy crap!  Ironman is less than 3 weeks away.  I will admit that I had a minor freak out Sunday morning, but I doing all right now.  The clinic was great.  It put my mind at ease, and I am ready to pack like a champion! Bring on the crazy packing list spreadsheets and label maker. :)

My weekend was awesome.  I didn't have much Whitney time, but it did remind me of how much I love DC and the people I have met here.  #LifeIsGood!

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