Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap: Babies, Bikes, Birthdays and Shiny Things

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.  My weekend was a little hectic, but all the craziness was definitely worth it.  Here are the deets.

CUTE BABY ALERT!! My nephew Kellen was born on Friday night! 11-11-11 is a pretty awesome birthday.

Started my Saturday off with a 3 hour spin.  #FinalLongRideBeforeIM

I went back to WV to meet Kellen!  Jordan holding her new baby brother. So freaking cute!
Happy birthday, Mom!! While I was home we had a little family b-day celebration. 

Once I got back to NOVA, I went to Burke Lake for a quick 14 mile run.  Yay for logging my final long run before IM! 
I wrapped my weekend up with dinner with friends.  I <3 yummy dinners with great company!

Just when I thought the weekend excitement had come to an end, I received a text from Dani telling me that she was ENGAGED!!  Congrats guys!  I am so happy for you two. <3 <3

Have a super Monday!!

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  1. I love the last photo and the fact that the dog more than likely photobombed it. :)