Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taper Crazies Tuesday

Hey guys!  I hope everyone had an awesome Tuesday.

It's official, I have a case of the Taper Crazies.  My body is freaking out. Yesterday and today were really tough for me. I have been super hungry ALL the time.  #I'mEatingEverythingICanGetMyHandsOn!  I also have been super tired, despite getting my normal 8 hours of sleep.  The stress at work isn't helping things, but I cannot imagine I am this run down from work.  All of this stuff is normal, but I am not a fan.  I miss my long sweat sessions! A 30 minute run doesn't satisfy my workout craving. Not to mention that it takes me a good 30+ minutes to get totally warmed up. By the time I am feeling good and rolling along, my workout is over.  :( But what is most frustrating is that 30 minutes is not long enough for me to sweat away my stress.  I feel like I am one huge ball of stress because I am not getting enough exercise.

Taper even makes little kids cry. :)

I know that taper is good for me. I also know that doing more than I should over the next few days is flat out dumb.  And I know that this craziness will end.  However, it is taking all of my self control to stick to the my training plan.  Taper, we are not friends.  I know you mean well, but you are driving me CRAZY.   

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