Monday, January 16, 2012

Marathon Monday

About a month after IM, I was still lacking the motivation to get back into my normal swim-bike-run routine.  To beat my post IM workout blues, I decided to get right back on the horse and signed up for the Rock 'N Roll -USA (Washington, DC) marathon in March.  I thought signning up for the marathon would force me back into my old training routine. Some people do not like logging long training runs in the cold, but I don't mind. I trained for a winter marathon with Lauren last year and really enjoyed it.

So what is the problem, right? Despite all of this, I found myself having trouble finding the motivation and making time to get in my long runs on the weekend. I have been running on the weekends, but I have not had the motivation to run any further than 5-9 miles.  #MarathonTraining=FAIL

Last week, I decided to switch from the full marathon to the half marathon. I was feeling a really guilty at first. However, it is crazy to try to run a marathon with improper training.  Plus, I am not going to be able to force myself back into serious training. I have been trying for the past 2 weeks, and it hasn't been working. #MyHeartJustIsn'tInIt. Training for a 1/2 marathon is much more manageable. I will be able to balance my crazy work schedule and training while still having time to do non-running and TRI things. It is the best of both worlds. :)

What does mean for BQing??   I had originally planned to try to qualify this winter, but that clearly isn't going to happen if I am not running a winter marathon. I want to see how the winter goes and if I am healthy (no hip or knees issues), then I might try to qualify this summer or fall. I will keep you posted!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Happy Monday!!

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  1. good call lady. I also have been lacking motivation for sure. You have been training for like 3 years straight...stop running and go eat some french fries or something! or snowboard. oh wait, that's already happening. SEE YOU SOON!!!!!! eeeeee!!!!