Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Thought Tuesday

  • Soft boiled eggs are becoming my new favorite breakfast.  Oatmeal will always have a special place in my heart; however, soft boiled eggs are moving in on the #1 spot.
  • I am incredibly excited about my snowboarding trip in February!  I cannot wait to learn how to snowboard and spend some QT with Lauren, Phil and Brizzy.
  • I have been having dreams about my new TT bike.  Do I have a problem? Please tell me other triathletes dream about getting a new bike. If not- PLEASE LIE TO ME and say you do. :)
  • I slept through swim practice this morning because I stayed up late watching LOST and drinking wine.  I am clearly not feeling guilty about adjusting my training and switching to the 1/2 anymore! #ILoveOffSeason!
  • Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee makes my heart happy.  It made my 75 minute drive into work much more bearable!  Rain + DC Traffic = 75 mins to go 8 miles
  • I haven't eaten a cupcake in a REALLY long time.  My friends Meghan and Dani would be appalled. In fact, they will probably de-friend me as soon as they read this.
Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. how does one make a soft boiled egg? and how do you eat it?

    and i dreamed of my bike for a while. now i dream of more sparkly things..like diamonds. :)

  2. I dream about riding mine outside instead of on the trainer :)