Friday, December 7, 2012

Five Things Friday: Food Edition

  1. I am madly in love with Sweet Green's December salad.  I absolutely love it!  I had it for lunch 2 days in row this week because it is sooooo yummy.
  2. I had my very first Sprinkles cupcake this week.  I had the Chocolate Peppermint cupcake, and it was very delicious.  The cake was moist and Sprinkles definitely has the icing to cake ratio down. However,  I would say the icing was a little sweet for me.  Just to make sure I am not making a rash judgement, I will be going back sometime next week to try another flavor. :)
  3. I am desperately looking for yummy quinoa recipes.  I have found a few online that I like; however, none of them have moved me enough to want to try them.  Does anyone have a super yummy way to prepare quinoa?
  4. I started a new job 2 weeks ago, and much to my surprise they keep 3 types of Kashi stocked in the kitchen. #BestWorkplaceEver!
  5. Please do not judge me for my next comment. This week I was craving junk food, like terrible for you junk food, and I had managed not to eat anything horrible for me all week. Please note that the cupcake mentioned above totally does not count because I was having a stressful day and needed comfort. :)  However, yesterday I finally caved.  Last night, I went through the McDonalds drive through and ordered a Chicken McNugget meal with a Coke, and loved every bit of it.  I did wake up feeling kind of gross though.  Thank goodness I have a long bike ride and run this weekend to burn off all the calories I consumed last night!
Happy Friday!!  I hope everyone has a super weekend! :) 

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