Monday, December 3, 2012

Time Trial Numero Uno

Hey guys!  I hope everyone had a super Turkey Day.  I know, I certainly did.  Now that MCM and Thanksgiving have come and gone, I have been focusing on cycling.  As much as I thought I would dread it, I am actually really enjoying it.  I had a blast at yesterday's time trial.  That in itself is huge!  I normally enjoy my rides (sometimes), but rarely would I ever say that I had a blast- so this is a major improvement! Unfortunately, I forgot my Garmin yesterday morning, so I will have to wait until the official results are posted to really see how I did.  I am very happy that my team offers TTs throughout the season to track your fitness.  #TeamZRocks!

All smiles after finishing my first time trial in over a year. 

Post ride reward = IHOP's caramel hot chocolate :)
I hope everyone had a super weekend!!! And a special thanks to Sara for taking the TT and IHOP pictures. :)

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  1. Yes! I can be the official photographer for your blog :)