Thursday, February 14, 2013

Three Things Thursday- Lent Edition

Morning, everyone!  Yesterday was the start of the Lent, and in true triathlete fashion, I have mixed in a little triathlon with my normal lenten penance. Here is what I plan to focus on during the 6 weeks before Easter.

  1. Going to church more.  I try to make it to Mass as much as possible; however, I always use the excuse that I have a workout early in the morning to justify skipping Mass.  Over the next 6 weeks, I am going to try to change that.  I know when my workouts are well in advance, so I should be able to find one hour of my weekend to go to Mass.  
  2. No more skipping workouts. Like I said above, I have to mix in a little triathlon with everything. Not to mention that giving up my excuses to skip workouts will be quite the challenge. I am going to try to complete every workout for 6 weeks. Wish me luck! :)
  3. No more cursing.  I do not have a mouth like a sailor; however, I can let it fly every now and again.  I will find better ways to express my thoughts and feelings over the next 6 weeks. 

Oh and on a completely unrelated note- Happy Valentine's Day!  Sending lots of hugs and warm and loving thoughts to everyone. <3 <3

This is how the BF shows me he loves me- putting stickers on my tush  while I walk around a store for 30 minutes not not knowing.   :) 

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