Monday, July 18, 2011


On my way to finishing my first 70.3!

PR = Happy Whitney!
Hey guys!  Happy Monday! 
This past Saturday, the Captain some how convinced me to go for a mid-afternoon run.  Ugh- running in the afternoon heat is not my thing; however, I am glad I forced myself to get the workout in.  This afternoon sweat session also made me realize that it is time to get serious. 
The craziness at work has ended, and there is no excuse why I should not be doing ALL of my workouts.  It is time to throw myself backinto training for this little race called IM Cozumel. No more sleeping through early morning swim practices or track workouts. 
Because of the straight year of training (MCM, Shamrock, Rumpass, Kinetic 1/2 relay, Eagleman), I was expecting to have a few weeks where I felt unmotivated and had no real desire to workout.  Oh boy was that an understatement!  As you guys know from reading my blog, I have been having a hard time staying motivated and focused since Eagleman.  However, the time has come.  Ironman training officially starts Monday.  It is time for me to SUCK IT UP AND GO!
The next 19 weeks are going to be a huge challenge, but I am excited about this crazy adventure that I am about to start.  I cannot wait until I can finally call myself an IRON GIRL.  132 days to go!  

I <3 racing almost as much as I <3 cupcakes! :)

So excited for my first TRI

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