Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap: Roller Coaster Edition

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  My weekend was a complete roller coaster ride. 

  • Friday night dinner with the Captain and his family.  The Captain has an awesome family, so this was a great way to start my weekend.  Yay for a delicious Turkish feast, great company and a fabulous time! Sorry for not taking any pictures-  I was too busy drinking and pigging out.
  • Mini date night with the Captain- putt putt golf and dinner at Ted's! I love putt. The Captain and I had a great time. You are probably wondering who won??  The Captain and I tied. :)  We kept score until the 9th hole.  At that point we were tied, but I would say that the Captain did much better than me on the back half. Plus he even got a hole in one! We finished the night with yummy bison burgers at Ted's. NOM NOM NOM!  Again, I was too busy eating to take any pictures.  I promise I will do a better job of documenting next weekend.
  • Walking around Old Town and getting ice cream after Sunday's ride. 
Did anyone else notice that all my "highs" relate to food? :)

  • I woke up Saturday morning and poured sour milk on my cereal.  Yuck!  To make things worse, I didn't find out it was sour until I took a bite of it. :(  
  • Because work has been so crazy, I had to work on Saturday. Going into work didn't really bother me.  I always want to meet my deadlines, and I am willing to do what I need to do to meet them.  However, I was bummed because I had a fun training day planned with my Team Zers.  I hate missing my workouts, especially when there is a BBQ planned after them. On the upside, I went into work and finished everything that I needed to.  I am hoping that the hard work my team put in on Saturday will make this week better.  
  • On my bike ride this weekend, I wrecked my bike. Don't worry, Mom! I am okay.  Just a little road rash and a little scrape on Miss Scarlett.  I was having a rough time on the ride before the wreck, and after the wreck I was pretty shaken up.  However, I was determined to finish the ride.  Special thanks to the Captain for sticking this ride out with me!  You were a saint! <3
I guess you win some and you lose some!  Hopefully next weekend will go a little smoother.  Back to grind- have a happy Monday!


  1. oh no! I hope you and miss scarlet are doing ok!What happened? I cant even do a weekend recap this weekend because I did nothing but study. Left my apartment once.

  2. After getting to the end of Military Drive, I went to grab a water bottle from the Captain and crashed. I was just tired and wasn't paying attention, and hit the curb and went flying. :(