Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Things Friday: Random and Unrelated Edition

Happy Friday!!  Is anyone else happy that this week is almost over??  What a busy 4 1/2 days!  Hopefully the last half flies by.
  1. My passport came in the mail yesterday. Who cares, right?  Well this girl cares because it means that I am officially ready for Cozumel now!  My bike is going to get there safe and sound.  My hotel and flights have been booked. And now I have my passport.  Can I get an AMEN?!? The only thing left for me to do, is to stay focused and attack the upcoming workouts.  Final stretch before taper!  I cannot believe there is only 1 month left of serious training.
  2. I got a free Chop't salad!  Well I guess I shouldn't say it was free, because I had to buy 9 other salads to get the 10 one "free".  Regardless, I was still super pumped. Plus, I gave the homeless guy near my office a little extra cash money, because my lunch was free. I never have cash on me, so today was his lucky day. Free salad= having cash to spare= giving someone a little cash who needed it more than I did= WINNING!
  3. I get to race Watermans.  Yay!!  I had originally signed up for the race back in August; however, because the timing of the race (right in the middle of the Q3 close crazies), I thought I was going to have to work that weekend.  Well good news- I can take Saturday off.  I will be recovering at work on Sunday, but at least I get to race. 
  4. I am the worst flat tire changer ever!  I cannot change my back tire to save my life.  Wednesday night I wanted to get in a quick spin, but as soon I got on Miss Scarlett I noticed her back tire was as flat as a pancake. Long story short, Miss Scarlett still has a flat tire.  Thank goodness that for my Z friends that are going to help me out later this evening. 
  5. WARNING GROSS TOPIC AHEAD!  Last night I was successfully able to drain the blood out from under one of my black toenails.  #ProbablyShouldn'tHaveSaidThatOutLoud  I know this is gross, but  I am not going to lose the nail now.  I cannot tell you how many toenails have fallen off because I haven't been able to master this skill. I am definitely not a master at this but at least it worked yesterday! Hey- I told you it was gross. :)
Have a super weekend, everyone.  Come back next week to find out how my first 110 mile bike ride went.

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