Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NUTRILITE Endurance Cube Review

A couple weekends ago I decided to switch out my Honey Stinger organic energy chews for some berry flavored NUTRILITE endurance cubes before my long run.  I love Honey Stinger chews, but the endurance cubes gave them a run for their money.  Here are the facts:

Check me out!
Round 1: How much cash do I have to shell out?
NUTRILITE Endurance Cubes: $2.25 per packet of 10 chews (when you purchase a box of 12 packets)
Honey Stinger Chews: $1.87 per packet of 10 chews (when you purchase a box of 12 packets)
*Both of these products are slightly more expensive than Shot Bloks which retail for about $1.66 a pack when you purchase a box of 18, but these are definitely worth the extra cash!

Round 2:  What am I putting into my body by eating these things?
NUTRILITE Endurance Cubes: 1 serving (5 cubes)
Calories- 90
Sodium- 70 mg
Potassium- 40mg
Sugar- 14g
Carbohydrates- 22g
Protein- 1g

Honey Stinger Chews: 1 serving (10 chews)
Calories- 160
Sodium- 80 mg
Potassium- 40mg
Sugar- 27g
Carbohydrates- 39g
Protein- 1g

Round 3: Do I get to pick my flavor?
NUTRILITE Endurance Cubes: Yep!  You can pick between berry and fruit burst.  I tried the berry cubes.
Honey Stinger Chews: Yep! Pink lemonade, orange, berry, pomegranate and fruit smoothie.

Results and Conclusion: 
NUTRILITE Endurance Cubes:  These cubes definitely did the trick.  They gave me plenty of energy to get through the second part of the run, and did not upset my stomach. MAJOR PLUS!  I tend to get nervous when I switch my mid-run snack.
Honey Stinger Chews: These are my go to fuel.  They also give me plenty of energy to finish my long runs.

It all comes down to personal preference. The NUTRILITE Endurance Cubes definitely do what they are supposed to do and they have NUTRILITE's C-Lenium blend in them.  What does that mean?  They have a special mix of vitamin C and selenium to help fight free radical damage. Yay for getting your vitamins while fueling during your run. :)  These endurance cubes are definitely worth a shot!  So click on over to Leah-Kate's website and see for yourself.

Happy Training!!

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